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We offer a variety of minimally-invasive treatments that can even your skin tone, increase cell turnover, promote cell growth, remove unsightly veins or hair, and stimulate collagen production to help the skin retain its softness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
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Jane Iredale


Dr. Klenke
Medical Director
Sheree tuttle
Licensed Esthetician
Lynzee Fazio
Practice Manager
Originally from Pennsylvania, Lynzee moved to the Lowcountry in 1997 and was raised on Hilton Head Island. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Clemson University in 2012. After graduating, Lynzee moved back to Hilton Head where she now lives with her husband and family. She has a strong background in management and brings years of experience from her former position at a luxury spa on Hilton Head. Lynzee is intrigued by the ever-growing field of plastic surgery and all it has to offer. She takes great joy in helping people realize a renewed sense of self. Lynzee loves to travel, read and take scenic road trips. France is her favorite destination country. She also enjoys developing her photography skills and spending time with friends and family, especially her dogs Boogie and Snoop.
Mitsy Aguilar
Patient Concierge
Mitsy was born in Acapulco, Mexico but grew up in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry. She moved to Portland, Oregon to continue her education, but eventually moved back home when she realized how much she missed the beautiful weather on Hilton Head Island. Mitsy has always been interested in skin care, which led her to work at a luxurious spa on Hilton Head. Always looking to broaden her horizons, she decided to pursue a career at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery. Mitsy is fascinated by the thriving field of plastic surgery and loves that there is always something new to learn. Mitsy enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves getting lost in a good book, listening to music and dancing.


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